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Koller belongs to a generation of artists who, in the course of the sixties tried to overcome the consequences of long-standing cultural isolation , caused by the war and the subsequent period of the socialist experiment , in order to incorporate art into our current European context . In the morning Kollerová making crosses suggestions neo - Dadaism , Pop Art , visual poetry and group tendencies - " new realism " and Fluxus . Given the future is the most important spirit of Dadaism total , " the spirit of ownership " when " the whole world is available if making has been transformed into a work of art " , says Ben Vautier . this principle of ownership , as appropriate all the subject of artistic creation , where " art is everything , including the blue " ( Ben ) , the artist of the world aside and named , this principle leads inevitably to a "non - art " creativity dispersed anonymous in everyday life . Such thoughts were for Koller and many artists of his generation in Slovakia ( Alex Mlynárčik , Stano Filko , Peter Bartos , Vladimir Popovich ) obviously attractive and rewarding for their artistic development , especially in the Koller case , decisive . in any event, constitute indispensable background , onto which the realities of our cultural background and individual copyright disposition .
Aurel Hrabušický 1991

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