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Sculpture by Adam Šakovy. 

V dielach Adama Šakového je práca s iluzívnosťou  a zameniteľnosťou médií dlhodobou stratégiou ktorú uplatňuje aj v tejto limitovanej sérii printov.

Priestorová enkaustika zo serie malieb „Bez Komentára“ je ojedinelou snahou autora o vytvorenie trojrozmerného sošného objektu. Objekt už vo svojej plastickej podobe môže byť na prvý pohľad ľahko zameniteľný so živou mačkou a táto ilúzia je ďalej vygradovaná jej  fotografickým reprodukovaním. Týmto posunom sa mení aj čítanie daného diela a dvojrozmerný obraz nadobúda ešte reálnejšiu podobu než jeho 3D predobraz. 

sakovy macka sculpture.jpg
lucia tallova monumenty.png



Lucia Tallová is an established figure of the Slovak contemporary art. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Her works have been presented at many exhibitions to Central European (solo Artissima 2019) audiences but also in New York(Frieze NY), Paris(Art Paris), and Milan(Miart), in Japan (Tokyo, Osaka). Last and biggest project is still onview till the end of December 2022.

Lucia Tallova is presenting the large installation at 16th Biennale de Lyon in France, curated by Sam bardaouil and Till Fellrath.



Archive pigment print

Fine Art archive cotton paper 350g


Mikyta_Colaps lapsus VI_2019_2020 size 156 x 111cm_monotype on paper on canvas.jpg

Svätopluk Mikyta is an artist who mediates between the distant poles of binary structures like the local / global, private / public, representational / abstract, past / present and many other dualities to explore his own vision about an artistic position which is deeply rooted into the Central European socio-cultural reality. Through his series of works realized in various medium from drawings to ceramics, from performative actions to installations and in many different traditional and experimental artistic technics, he is always been seeking the most appropriate way to express the complexity of being determined by ideological narratives, intellectual burden of unsolved historical heritage and the ubiquitous presence of the post-communist condition.

schMERZbild TRS, 130x120cm, acrylic, oil, ink on canvas, 2021.jpg


November 15 -  December 31, 2021

She began her art studies at the Josef Vydra School of Applied Arts in Bratislava. Subsequently, from 2008 to 2014, she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, first at the Department of Free Graphics, later at the Department of Painting in the studio under the guidance of prof. Daniel Fischer. In 2013, she completed an internship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest in a studio led by Imre Bukt. She has participated in several foreign residences and symposiums. She actively presents herself at individual and group exhibitions at home and abroad. She was a finalist in the Painting of the Year Award for three times.

Kamene 5, 190x150cm, olej a akryl na plátne, 2020.jpg


July 15 - 15 August 2021

He develops reflections on the function of painting and its (in)ability to reflect reality in the latest cycle Stones (2019/20), in which, unlike artificially constructed “landscape paintings”, he works with (relatively) existing material. Šakový’s program takes over figural scenes, details or lesser-known views of the top works of European late Renaissance and Baroque sculpture. He trims the composition in a punk way. Follows gestures or specific body details of figures. He approaches historical material analytically and without emotions. He is not interested in an excursion into the history of art, nor in mythological stories or iconography of saints. His curatorial selection is connected by an interest in the motif of drapery, ecstatic body, athletic muscles or round curves. 


Conceptual Photography

by Géza Perneczky

22. January -12. February 2021

Yes-No Strategy


Perneczky is a protagonist of the Hungarian conceptual art, his early conceptual works and also his publications had a catalyst role on the Hungarian neo-avantgarde tendencies. Since 1970 Géza Perneczky lives and works in Cologne and was an important mediator between the Hungarian/Eastern European and the international art scene. On the international scene he became known as one of the founder of the post-fluxus mail art movement, which also defined the character of his conceptual works.

Past SODA Online

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