Oct 20 - 24, 2021




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SODA gallery presenting two generation of slovak strong woman artists Ilona Németh(1963) and Lucia Tallová(1985), and worldwide established figure Stano Filko(1937-2015). He exhibited in the Czecho-Slovak exposition at the Biennale in Venice (2005), and the Slovak National Gallery is preparing an exhibition of his work at the Zachęta National Art Gallery in Warsaw (2015), Kunstmuseum Basel(2019). Presented by SODA gallery ar Frieze Masters London. From the second half of the 1960s up to the present, Stano Filko is perhaps the most universal and radical artist of the Slovak visual art scene; he is also known as a “professional avant-gardist.” In the course of almost five decades, he has made an impact in almost all of the important development tendencies in contemporary visual art, while using virtually all of the classical and new visual media: art of object, environment, happening and action, new painting and multimedia installation. His work combines several philosophically justified positions arising from each other based on rudimentary conceptual thinking and supported by a strongly developed individual mythology.

Ilona Németh is one of the most respected representatives of contemporary visual art at home and abroad; she is interested in gender and social topics, and moving the boundary between the public and the private. She is active in institutional criticism and social and political activism related to the environment of Hungarian and Slovak culture. She has led the IN studio at the Department of Intermedia and Multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava since 2004. She won the award of the S. Márai Foundation (1998), the Munkácz Award (2001) and others. She represented Slovakia at the 49th Venice Biennale (2001, along with J. Surůvka).  

Lucia Tallová’s work is at the crossroads of various media. She works on photographs and objects that she assembles and deploys in space. The manipulations and themes she approaches create a new link, both material and poetic, between the elements on display. Her installations always respond to a common methodology: objects, paintings, old photographs, collages and albums are meticulously arranged on a system of wooden shelves. Far from being a simple support, these structures determine each composition. The protocol is rigorously applied to each intervention while responding to different spatial constraints: new forms are born according to the characteristics of the environment. She is an established artist of the young generation on the Slovak scene, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. Winner of several important awards (2021 - NOVUM Foundation Art Award, 2016 - Tatra Banka Foundation Art Award, 2013 - VUB Painting of the Year, 2010 - Strabag Art award International). Presented solo by SODA gallery at Frieze New York 2021, Artissima 2019.